Relocation Information

List of 3 frequently asked questions.

  • What transportation is accessible to the new School location?

    There are a variety of transportation options to access 301 Freedom Place South.  Below are some suggested routes for subway and bus use.
    Take the train to either 59th Street (A/B/C/D/1), 66th Street (1) or 72nd Street (1/2/3).


    M57 Crosstown
    The M57 starts on the East side at East 57th and York then heads west from there.
    If you are getting on at 72nd, the M57 picks up at the northwest corner of 72nd and Broadway and drops off at 63rd or 61st Streets and West End Avenue, taking about 10 minutes.

    If you are travelling to 72nd, the M57 picks up at 61st or 63rd Streets and West End Avenue going north and drops off on the southwest corner of 72nd and Broadway, about 10 minutes.

    If you are coming from the 59th Street subway station, follow the exit signs to the 57th Street exit, exiting onto 57th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue, and from there take the M57 heading west, exiting at 61st and West End Avenue.

    To travel to the 59th Street Subway station, get on the M57 bus at West End Avenue and 61st Street.

    M72 Crosstown
    The M72 starts at East 72nd and York and goes west. It stops at the same stop as the M57 at the northwest corner of 72nd and Broadway. It then proceeds down Riverside Drive, turning west onto 66th Street ending its route at 66th Street and Freedom Place North. Once exiting the bus, walk west to Riverside and south to 62nd Street, then walk east to get to Freedom Place South.

    To return to 72nd Street via the M72, the buses start their route at 66th Street and Freedom Place North.
  • What will the daily schedule look like once we begin classes on January 12th?

    Families will not experience any disruption to the school-day schedule as a result of the move. The start and end-time of our boys’ days will be the same, as will the academic schedule.  
  • What can we expect for security at 301 Freedom Place South?

    Our security coverage at our new home will be very similar to what our families experience now. When arriving at the School all visitors, students, faculty, staff, and families will have the same entry experience.  In the winter months prior to our move all community members will be provided with new ID cards, allowing them to access the new facility.